IKSAD is a Turkish origin international accredited young, creative, content organisation established in 2010.  Our think-tank team contains academics from different disciplines and countries, writers, strategists, diplomats, artists and bureaucrat who specialize in social researches, economic development and social problem-solving.

We study the appropriateness of new national and international relationships, social and environmental performance, economic development, industry category, sustainability and gender.

Since having well educated and experienced human resources, IKSAD operates varying social researches and projects of importance. Due to the nature of our activities, we have close relationships with universities, international organizations, civil society members, private sector, local authorities and other related institutions. 

As we share, we develop; as we develop, we share !

Our Mission

In the current globalized world, individuals, corporations and governments from across the globe are becoming more integrated than ever before and have the ability to exchange information faster and more efficiently; Thus, social and inter-cultural relations have become increasingly important in the 21st century. Researches and research findings are only as valuable as how well they can be put into practice to improve outcomes. Our international department’s work has long been recognized as a prime instrument to promote international links between countries and peoples, especially the economic development in low income communities; The Institute of Economic Development and Social Researches was founded with this aim in mind. Founded in 2010 in Turkey, the institute is an international, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with headquarters in Turkey, Japan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

The major objectives of the İKSAD are to extend current research, programs and practices in the field of social and economic development and create a platform to promote and sustain inter-cultural dialogue at all levels.  The İKSAD actively encourages and supports researchers and academics as a prerequisite for development. In addition to promoting economic development and social interaction between varying stakeholders through its own initiatives, the İKSAD actively supporting the work that is already being done in this area by partnering and communicating with other actors in the field.


Our Values and Philosphy

The IKSAD understands that in a globalized world, in which people are tend to travel and exchange information faster than ever before, there is a growing interdependency between nations and communities. As a result, successful inter-cultural interaction will undoubtedly become a major challenge for international relations in the 21st century.

In this regard, the IKSAD believes that inter- and intra-cultural relations can be strengthened and maintained through dialogue, co-creation, involvement. For this IKSAD is developing co- projects with the think tanks, university and public diplomacy units around the World. This, in turn, leads to a better understanding and greater trust between cultures, prevent misunderstanding, improve communication and cooperation and help to reduce the likelihood of socio-cultural conflicts.

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