Our projects in Afghanistan


In Afghanistan, two of the most deadly health risks are unsafe water and inadequate sanitation. 

A staggering 25% of children die before reaching their 5th birthday, primarily from diarrhea and acute respiratory infections. Throughout Afghanistan, only 30% of the rural population has a sustainable supply of safe water, while just 29% have the dignity and privacy of a place to use the bathroom. 

IKSAD International has been operating water well project for 3 years in Afghanistan


No more toy guns for children in Afghanistan!

Children tend to imitate adults. And in Afghanistan, a country ravaged by violence, it seems they particularly like to play with toy guns.

IKSAD International has been delivering innocent toys to Afghan kids. In order to donate please contact the IKSAD head office.


Stated aim of getting all girls into school is far from realized, and the proportion of students who are girls is now falling in parts of the country. According to the government, 3.5 million children are out of school, and 85 percent of them are girls. Only 37 percent of adolescent girls are literate, compared to 66 percent of adolescent boys

IKSAD International has been supporting kids -especially-girls to be educated. To support this project please contact the head office.